Heroic group shot challenge

It is great getting fun group shots of people at Photocamp, so there is a photography challenge on Sunday, which is… to take a heroic group photo :)

Here’s some inspiration… just add photographers and photographic gear…

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima
Team Fortress 2

Or use your imagination to create your own heroic group shot :)
charlie's angels
Photo by chr1s jacks0n

Have fun! We look forward to seeing the photos :)


Challenging perspective session

We’re privileged to have UnderTheCastle talk about the art in photography…

As a philosophy teacher, I’m interested in the way people think and look at the world. Applying that to the world of photography, I’ll talk through how and why we understand perspective in art and perhaps introduce a few new ways of looking at things. Keeping things simple, we’ll look at ways the viewer can be manipulated and how we can apply that when composing photos.

When and where for Sunday


Sunday 31st October, at 12 noon.


We’re meeting here at Stills Gallery… 23 Cockburn Street, EH1 1BP.


We’re using a room downstairs in Stills for a New Media presentation, but we all can’t fit in at once. So the presentation may be run multiple times. In the meantime, others can zip off and do the Great Photocamp Photography Challenge :)

Then from 2pm we’re meeting the Twisted Tails Dancers near by. Again, we’ll have to coordinate groups so they don’t get overwhelmed by us all!

And afterwards?

Let’s meet up for some food and drink from 4:30 at All Bar One… 50 Lothian Road, EH3 9BY

And a little more afterwards?

There is a zombie walk starting at 7:30pm, leaving from The Banshee Labyrinth, 29-35 Niddry Street EH1 1LG

And way afterwards?

There’s the Beltane Samhuinn that starts at 9pm from the Edinburgh Castle and makes it way down the Royal Mile. Also expect loads of Halloween revellers out for fun and in costume and make up :) Let’s hope the weather is good!

What is the Great Photocamp Photography Challenge?

See heroic group shot.

Saturday is full!

Wow, Saturday is full!

If you have registered but can no longer come along, please us know so that someone else can take your place. Simply email us at EdinburghPhotocamp@gmail.com.

And if you haven’t registered yet for Saturday, you can still do so, but you’ll be put on a waiting list :( We’ll let know whether a space becomes available for you.

This is definitely our best and biggest yet!… well, it is only the second Edinburgh Photocamp ;)

New media session

Something a bit extra on Sunday by PHH Sykes at Stills Gallery

A review of mobile products and services so well marketed to see if they deliver the results that they claim and the finished products that we need. A comparison of pictures and texts sent through new virtual tools and new hardware. There will be comparison examples shown of pictures and text sent via several mediums to different web services. We will examine the use of desktop, laptop, netbook and smart phone hardware. Operating systems discussed will include Linux, Mac and Windows. Web services from Flickr, facebook, YouTube, Picasa and tools for free website building will be reviewed.

Video by PHH Sykes

Have a go at studio photography

bassqee will be on hand with a studio so that you can have a go, as well as give a talk…

I like taking risks and trying something new, and to getting creative thinking going I’ll talk about a fun use for your camera where I want to push people to think outside the box.

Fake blood may be involved ;)

embraced photoshoot
Photo by bassqee

Twisted Tails on Sunday

I had the great fortune to meet the Twisted Tails dance troupe a while ago and enjoy their dancing. They’re a great bunch of energetic people, and are our models for Sunday!

Twisted Tails is a Tribal Belly Dance group made up of twelve dancers. They are students from the dance class of Susan Tonner and formed only in May 2010. The styling of this dance is influenced form Arabic belly dance, flamenco, Indian and gypsy dances. Every dance is improvised and dancers learn series of steps and have a secret language to cue to the dancer behind that they are about to change into another step. It means the group acts in unity at all times and the dancers need to be tuned into one another. The group has a gypsy look in terms of costuming and would like to portray the fun and social bonds that women have in dancing together. Our costume and make up are strong, we often dance with swords, double veils or big skirts.

Details will be given on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo by pampossum