I had the great fortune to meet the Twisted Tails dance troupe a while ago and enjoy their dancing. They’re a great bunch of energetic people, and are our models for Sunday!

Twisted Tails is a Tribal Belly Dance group made up of twelve dancers. They are students from the dance class of Susan Tonner and formed only in May 2010. The styling of this dance is influenced form Arabic belly dance, flamenco, Indian and gypsy dances. Every dance is improvised and dancers learn series of steps and have a secret language to cue to the dancer behind that they are about to change into another step. It means the group acts in unity at all times and the dancers need to be tuned into one another. The group has a gypsy look in terms of costuming and would like to portray the fun and social bonds that women have in dancing together. Our costume and make up are strong, we often dance with swords, double veils or big skirts.

Details will be given on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo by pampossum