Saturday 30th October, at 10am (doors open 9:40), lunch from 12:30 to 2:00, end at 5:30. There are some good lunch spots nearby, or bring your own lunch.


We’re meeting in here… Language and Humanities Centre, David Hume Tower, Buccleugh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9JX.


The main road Buccleugh St is being dug up at the moment but there is still acess to the rear car park, it just means passing the entrance to the carpark in Buccleugh St and doubling back to get to it.

The place

And when you there… just follow…

Edinburgh Photocamp 2010 at Edinburgh University

What about Sunday?

Sunday 31st October will be a walk about meetup – your chance to meet people again, ask more questions, and try out things you’ve learned. Details soon :)