Learn 3D photography with Dan.

3D may have a reputation for being a gimmick, but is as old as photography itself and is now back in a big way. This talk will cover how 3D works, how you can take 3D photographs, and how you can view them. Digital photography and software make 3D within the reach of everyone – and you can start shooting now with whatever camera you have. 3D adds a new dimension to photography requiring you to think in new ways – so what makes a good 3D photograph and how does it differ from 2D photography? If you fancy something new then come along and keep both eyes open.

The 3D Ninja
Photo by Dan
This is cross-view stereopair. To view this image in 3D you need to cross your eyes until you see three fuzzy images. Then try and focus the middle image. This takes a lot of patience to get right, but once you’ve done it once it gets easier.