We’re starting to put together the programme, so here is what’s in store so far.

Starting with the focal point, the unconference on Saturday, we’re taking the best elements of last year – a great combination of workshops, presentations and discussions led by you and your fellow delegates. There’ll be:

There is much more in the pipeline, and as things get finalised, we’ll let you know what’s going on.

We have listened to your feedback from last year and enhanced the opportunities for socialising and networking – you will also find more ‘do’ type sessions. There’ll be a photowall, and more of the popular “what do you think of my photo” session. And on Sunday, there’s the day, and night-time photowalk!

Phew, so much!

If you wish to make a presentation, led a discussion, or have a query or idea, feel free to email or post a comment. Right now, we’re looking for someone to present an intro to using flashes… Any takers? Yes? Bueller? Anyone…? ;) Thanks to Lucy for the reminder of this film :)