What is the Edinburgh Photocamp?

The Edinburgh Photocamp is an event dedicated to photography and image making, where the people that attend create the programme of sessions themselves. It’s focus is on learning and sharing knowledge in an open, participatory, ‘workshop’ event. The organisers simply provide a venue, facilities, and structure, the attendees provide the content – and the buzz :)

The Photocamp is based on the idea of ‘unconferences‘.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course!

We encourage everyone to bring a camera and to take pictures on the day. If you upload any pictures you take to the popular sharing websites, we ask that you add a conference specific tag,, “EPC2” so that others can find your images.

When and where is it?

On Saturday 30th of October, and the following Sunday the 31st.
See When and where for Saturday.
See When and where for Sunday.

Can I bring my laptop too?

Again, of course!

With presentations and questions about Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture-Nx, Nix… and all sorts of software, bringing a laptop to show or try things out would be very handy.

Do I have to give a presentation?


We’d like you to at least consider giving one though! As it’s our first PhotoCamp in Edinburgh we’d like to think that all the attendees will be considerate and understanding of those willing to give presentations – it’s certainly the norm at other such conferences. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be too nervous about giving a short presentation on a subject that interests you.

It’s a great opportunity to engage with an audience around a subject of your choosing!

I want to bring a presentation on my laptop. Can I?

Of course! There will be AV facilities and so as long as your laptop can connect to the system using a VGA cable (if you’re using a Mac remember and bring your lead) then all will be well. It would be worth checking before you attend how you tell your laptop to use the external VGA port as some laptops make it harder than others!

How do I enrol?

To register, simply fill in the registration form. (November 2010 – But since the Edinburgh Photocamp has now happened, registration is no longer open.)

I’m on the waitlist, what do I do now?

Nothing! Every time space becomes available at the conference we’ll give out it out to those next on the waitlist – simple and easy.