Lucky puppies

Susan Toner of Twisted Tails


You can let your friends from photocamp know that they have the dubious honour of having a litter of pups named after them!

Cabbages, Possum, Hippo, Neroz and Sykes.

Photo by Susan


Your photos

Andrew, the Poem Catcher was lots of fun. Please send him your photos to inspiration(at)
The Twisted Tails dancers were fantastic on Sunday. Please send their teacher your photos to susantonner(at)
And there is Facebook group for the zombie walk where you might like to post your photos, Zombie Walk Edinburgh
Of course, post your photos to whatever you call “home”; such as Flickr, Meetup, Facebook

Video by PHH Sktyes.

If you have any blog entries, let us know at so that we tell everyone…

Notes from the weekend

Session notes

Basic exposure handout

The basic exposure handout pdf.

Flash exposure explained

A website that came highly recommented is

3D Photography

Some useful links:
StereoPhoto Maker (for making 3D images from stereopairs – PC)
Anabuilder (for making 3D images from stereopairs – Mac)
StereoData Maker (for synchronising certain Canon cameras)

Pinehole fact sheet

The notes are on Flickr and also available from as a pdf.


The Sanyo Eneloop batteries were recommend by a few people, available from many places including but was recommended (because it is so much cheaper!). For a long, an in depth discussion about Enenoop batteries, you may wish to peruse Batteries and chargers (Eneloop and BC-900).

Photo by underthecastle

A spectacular Sunday

Another word from Judy Cabbages

What spectacular Sunday! After the New Media presentation at Stills and creating heroic group shots, we got to meet the great Twisted Tails dance troupe. I hope that you all managed to get photos that you are happy with.

Send them your photos to susantonner [at] aol [dot] com They enjoyed their time and are looking forward to seeing what we managed to capture.

And finally, after food and drink, we had the great fun of chasing the zombies – they were the fastest zombies I’ve ever known ;)

I am really looking forward to seeing your photos at Flickr, Meetup, Facebook… wherever you call “home” :)

Twisted Tales
Photo by Alexis Manson

A great Saturday

A word from Judy Cabbages…

What a great Saturday! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It was completely full with 60 people! Thank you for coming along, and thank you to those who gave the talks and presentations.

I just wish there was more time to talk more with everyone, and to be able to attend every session!

It was a lot of fun with the Poem Catcher. I’m hope he managed to catch all the poems again! ;) Send him your photos; inspiration (at) poemcatcher (dot) com

And post your photos to Meetup, Flickr, Facebook… to wherever you call “home” :)

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday.

Photo by pampossum

See you there!

Today is Photocamp! See you all there :)

Doors open at 9:40, it all starts at 10. See when and where for Saturday for more info.

Flash exposure explained session

Neil is an Edinburgh flash and strobist guru and is fantastic at teaching such stuff…

The talk is a basic intro on exposure in flash photography and presents a simple routine to mix the existing light with flash.

Sam Simmons for fest
Photo by Neil